Sunday Thoughts 023

Controversy on Social Media

The cool thing about social media is that most people can see what you post.

The uncool thing about social media is that those same people are acutely conscious that their connections can see what they comment on or react to.

So every time you read something, you are making a calculated decision on how your comment or reaction will be perceived by others.

And we wonder why silos / echo chambers form….

There are many hot issues in the world today, each of which deserve a diverse and robust conversation. Diverse, because they are knarly, wicked problems and the thinking that created them won’t fix them. Robust, because hearing someone else’s viewpoint and respectfully rebutting it is part of finding common ground.

But if you don’t indicate interest or engage with the people you disagree with, you are reinforcing the echo chambers.

There are cracks in the silos and cracks are where the light gets in….. be the light.


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and possibly annoy you.

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