Sunday Thoughts 019

Reading widely

Today I read a book. A whole book.

Not the sort of book I would normally read but I try to read stuff that I think will challenge me and I try to read stuff that will teach me how others write.

It is called “Kindness” and is the story of a dystopian New Zealand set in the late 2030s. To leave, we must have an Exit Visa but the country has a 15 000km coastline…..

Yes, it is an adventure about escaping from New Zealand and it is, in my words, a “boiling frog” projection from the events of 2020.

Worth reading from two points of view:
– as an exercise in how things may develop
– as an exercise in trying to understand how events affect people not in our immediate circles


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and possibly annoy you.

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