Sunday Thoughts 011

Willpower and Individuality

Part 3 of 3

The closing words of Part 2 said:
“And the failure to do so? As individuals, in terms of unfulfilled lives? Being caught in jobs we don’t enjoy but cannot leave.”

Getting out of the mess in which we find ourselves means being wide-awake, using our waking day-consciousness (as opposed to dream consciousness), and aiming it squarely at the problems to be solved.

Emotional reactions tell us more about ourselves than the thing in question.

It is not the ego that is the problem, it is that to which we direct its power toward that is. And if we direct it inwards, we become a modern day Narcissus – in love with our own reflection – cue references to executives who surround themselves with “yes” men…

A well developed Ego, which exercises muscular thinking, is the hallmark of an Ethical Individualist – see Sunday Thoughts 008

Clarity of thought,
Depth of feeling,
Strength of will.

These are the antidotes to the vexations of modern times. Escapism in its many guises will only see things get worse.


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and possibly annoy you.


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