Sunday Thoughts 007

“All power in the world works not just through force or by laws – but also by getting inside people’s heads and shaping how they see the world. This is true even in the modern age of individualism.”
– Adam Curtis

Why are influencers, influencers?

Because they get inside the heads of millions and shape (not change) how they see the world. This is true of business schools, theology colleges, TED talks, internet marketers, consultants and gurus.

Curtis latest wide-ranging venture introduces us to many of the people behind events,

I look forward to it.

But today’s real thought is on behaviouralism – the father of which is Skinner, the latest example of which is Surveillance Capitalism (Zuboff).

On Skinner, “Soon, he says, science will find a way of gathering enough data on all human beings so those in charge can predict their behaviour – and alter it with rewards. At that point, what people feel inside them will become irrelevant: only their observed behaviour matters.”

See Zuboff for how this has manifest….


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and annoy you.

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