Sunday Thoughts 006

Fragile . Resilient . Anti-Fragile . Muddling Through

Today seems like a good day to reflect a little on the impact of change on and in our lives.

And the absurdity of planning.

In July this year I will be able to look back on the past twelve months and say, “Twelve months ago, I had no idea how to drive a heavy vehicle, weld, cut steel, or manage a small construction project involving purchases of steel, pumps, batteries, generators; the engagement of welders, glaziers, plumbers, electricians and self-containment officers; and ensuring the roadworthiness of a Class 5 heavy vehicle. And now I do”.

If I think back twelve months, there is no way I could have planned this. If I think back 24 months, it is even more unlikely. And five years ago……??

So I am increasingly of the view that in all we do, we do it best by focussing on simply muddling through.

Muddling through draws on a particular set of skills, closely aligned to the concept of anti-fragility.

Muddlers-through get better at muddling the more unforeseen change is thrown at them. They are beyond resilient. They muddle.

What do you see as being these skills?


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and annoy you.

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