Sunday Thoughts 005


For too long we have been told to leave our background out of the work we do, to focus on the results we have achieved, to leave our lives at the office door.

But our background, our stories, are our lives. They are our narratives, the plot lines of our lives.
In every play or novel the plot develops in parallel with the character development. In denying peoples’ narratives at work we deny their lives. Yet we tell them to bring their whole self to work….

Agency is the individual ability to act in a situation.
Our narratives affect, not determine, affect our agency.
If we won’t listen to the story, we can’t understand the action, or lack thereof.

There are many reasons not to follow the line of thought in today’s Sunday Thoughts. Most are concerned with how we think our organisations should function.

There are equally many reasons to follow this line of thought. All are concerned with how our organisations could function.


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and annoy you.

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