Sunday Thoughts 002

Eventually we come to a point of realising that what other people think of us is largely immaterial (as opposed to irrelevant) and that many of those who exhort us to ignore the opinions of others are some of the most judgemental people you will meet….

An example

The people for whom I clean toilets don’t care whether I have an MBA or a profile on Linkedin, why should the people who know the latter care about the former?

Coaches, consultants, advisers and the like clean metaphorical toilets every day. Cleaning real ones (and seeing immediate practical behavioural change in the users) is quicker, tangible and, in some perverse ways, more satisfying.

Flush AND Brush. In everything you do….


Sunday Thoughts is a weekly series of sometimes incomplete thought pieces to stimulate thinking, and annoy you.


I notice two things:
– that it is easier to accept, and not judge, when people move “down” in status due to circumstance beyond their control (think of the airline pilot who works in a supermarket) but when others do it by choice, it jars, it doesn’t fit with the “career ladder” concept, and
– that essential work is widely applauded when people are depending on it but the fad fades quickly.

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