Motorhome Tires: Our Considerations

Which motorhome tires? What a question!

Most articles about motor home and RV tires discuss the advantages of specialist RV tires over standard truck tyres  and then go on to compare and review tires from different manufacturers. We will not do that here.

Our concern is less about whether or not specialist RV tires give a better ride or withstand UV better than truck tyres for the simple reason that our “truck” will be driven long distances over poor roads.

Small-truck Tyres or RV Tires?

That said, the tire manufacturers have identified a very important characteristic of the “typical” RV: its tyre sidewalls will degrade much faster than its tread, simply because the motorhome is left standing, in the weather, for long periods at a time. Trucks, conversely, wear out their tread faster because trucks are only economically efficient when they are on the road. The tyre design must be different. Given our desire to see the world, we suspect that normal truck tyres will be the way to go.

Motorhome Tires: Road, Mud and Snow or Winter?

One of our major considerations is the carrying of spares and the potential need to change the type of tyre depending upon where we find ourselves. In this area, we need to do far more research but the essential is that whatever size of tyre we use, it must be found worldwide and whatever brand, too. Ideally.

The same goes for steering and driving motor home tires. Still much to be discovered.

Tire Manufacturers

Small Truck Tire Manufacturers

Michelin and Goodyear are the main manufacturers of small truck tyres though Hankook, Firestone, among others carry a good range. We are not yet sure about the wisdom of using retreads, even if commercial trucking companies use these a lot.

Specialist Motorhome Tyre Manufacturers

In New Zealand, at least, this distinction does not seem to be so clear but we have found that in the US market both Michelin and Goodyear manufacture specialist RV tires. The Michelin RV tire range can be found here and you can click here for the Goodyear range.

Motorhome Tire Summary

In summary:

  • Tires are designed to be rotated! We guess that’s why they are round… (tires left sitting for long periods will deteriorate very quickly, particularly in the sidewalls)
  • Truck tires have better tread wear
  • RV tires have a smoother ride – apparently it has something to do with the way the sidewalls are constructed
  • UV tire protection is an absolute must for motorhomes that sit in one place for long periods of time and this can be achieved through applying your normal silicon tyre-black, or purchasing and fitting fabric wheel covers

As we crystallise our needs, we will be consulting closely with people with expertise in these matters and we’ll report our findings here as we uncover issues such as load ratings, speed ratings and the relationship these have with chassis weights and license requirements.

Finally, apologies to our readers, in particular those British, Australian and Kiwi enthusiasts who may be here, regarding the mixed spelling (motorhome tires vs. tyres) on this page. It seems that Google is now smart enough to know they are the same thing but it never hurts to be sure…

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