Trail Running, Story Writing, Full Time RVing

Trail running, story writing and full time RVing, or global roaming as I prefer to call it. These are the themes of the life I wish to live for my remaining years. My “3Rs”: Running, Writing, Roaming.

Sometimes it takes a while to work out where our preferences lie and the overarching themes we wish to pursue. But here they are…


barefoot running



Taking a while to work things out is certainly true for me and being a bit intellectual there is a somewhat lengthy process to go through, exploring, testing, adapting, refining and accepting… It’s a bit like a personalised version of the scientific method and is not to be recommended for quick decisions.

However, it is great for making sure a decision and consequent actions are well-considered. And that I’m willing to live with the consequences. In fact, the times that I have veered from that process I have invariably spent money I shouldn’t have.

I’ve always been interested in watching people and observing their behaviour and actions. Nature gets a good dose of observation as well. This is where I turn those eyes on myself, observe and record my own processes as I go through the initiations into trail running, story writing and global roaming (full time RVing).

This is my decision-making journal for want of a term. It is where I record my thoughts, how I felt about making a decision and what actions were necessary once taken. It is the story of my “3 Rs”: Running, Writing and Roaming.

The results of the process are linked to from the articles.

What’s in this for you?

On the face of it, not a lot. I don’t say that to be rude, just that I’m not going to try to solve any of your problems. But if my little stories can help you or prompt you to explore something you might not otherwise have considered, that will be enough.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing.

Stephen Hay

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