Career Change is Not the Only Option

Many people considering a career change
Or doing a bit of career planning
Hold what David Graeber calls “bullshit jobs”.
These are jobs
The point of which
Others cannot see.
In other words,
Jobs that add no discernible value to society.

Worse, a significant number of these job holders
Describe their own jobs as “bullshit”.
This is a special form of psychological torment,
Not dissimilar to Gregory Bateson’s double-bind.
Which means many of these people look to change their career paths.
For reasons as varied as the people themselves.

But rather than considering a change of career
How about reassessing your career objectives?
Is it a means for financial and social advancement?
The “why” you work.

Or is it a broader path,
Upon which professional and personal development merge.
The “how” you work.

Career Change Considerations

Because each of you has come to this situation
On different paths;
Different career paths, different life paths.
There is no one answer to the question, “Should I change my career?”
It is not binary, “yes” or “no”.
There are too many nuances.

In the year 2000 Steve Krug wrote a book
He called it “Don’t Make Me Think”.
Because it was about web usability.
But usability is not content.
Yet that adage has crept into web content as well.
And so we have sites that need no more effort
Than the effort to scroll and click.

Importantly, (and this is your first opportunity to click away)
I’m not Steve Krug.
Because I expect you to think.
Read and think. Hard.
Decisions about career change deserve nothing less.

You may well have arrived here, with a question
To which the answer is “change your career”.
But it is important to know the reason for doing so.
In fact, you might not want a new career,
You may need only to get this one in perspective.

So we’re going to put the focus on the work
Rather than the outcome.
The process,
Rather than the results.
There is no point doing career planning if you don’t need to.