About me

If I were to wish for an obituary, this would be it (in present tense, because I’m not dead yet…)

Stephen Hay is an articulate and discreet observer of human nature and repairer of human systems.

He is known for his unobtrusive yet erudite nature and light-touch, high-impact interventions.

Enjoys a single malt, porter or stout, oozes craftsmanship, and surrounds himself with people, thoughts and objects of only the highest quality, on one condition: they must contain a non-fatal flaw.

His distinctive look (long black hair and silver beard) provides the merest hint of the sharp mind and warm heart he brings to his encounters, the success of which he considers your ability to forget he is there, or ever was…

A longer version can be found here. If you want to see my Strengths Finder profile (always a great insight, I highly recommend you do one if you haven’t already), click here.

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